Sandhya Maha Aarti

Saturday, 26 May 2018 | Jaipur

A first-of-its-kind in modern Jaipur, SANDHYA MAHA AARTI, sequential evening aartis at the three temples in Chandni Chowk (behind Tripolia Gate).

7:00 pm: Maha Aarti at Mandir Shri Brij Nidhi ji
7:15 pm: Maha Aarti at Mandir Shri Pratapeshwar ji
7:30 pm: Maha Aarti at Mandir Shri Anand Krishna Bihari ji

Temples have historically been the center place for dance and music, constructed with courtyard spaces to facilitate activities. From the domes to the pillars, each feature of these temples is a window to the past. The sandhya aarti traditionally was the time when everyone got off work and gathered to offer gratitude for a day well-spent and prayers for a better tomorrow. The Soul Connect: Sandhya Maha Aarti is an attempt to revive this age-old tradition. The rhythmic clang of the temple bells with synchronized sounds of prayers is like a balm to soothe the anxiety of the day. Each attendee will be given a desi ghee diya and a prayer bell to join in with the aarti, along with a special prasad.

The Soul Connect: Sandhya Maha Aarti is powered by Department of Tourism, Govt of Rajasthan. The event is an initiative of Siyahi, supported by Rajasthan Forum.