Episode 14: Smt Kalapini Komkali

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mandir Shri Ram Chandra ji, Sireh Deorhi Bazaar

Kalapini Komkali and Group performed this saturday evening at Mandir Shri Ramchandra Ji. It began with the recital of Meera’s bhajan Bhaj le re mana, Gopal guna in raag Bhatiyar. It was followed by more beautiful bhajans of Meera, Tulsidas and Kabir. This magical evening was concluded by a Bhairavi from Ramcharitmanas. Kalapini Komkali was accompanied by Ramendra Singh Solanki on tabla, Anoop Rajpurohit on harmonium and Ragini on tanpura. Their alluring amalgamation was captivating, soulful and made the whole place lively.

Soul Connect, is an initiative of Siyahi, supported by the Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Charity Trust, Kamla Poddar Group, Dileep, Arya Niwas and Rajasthan Forum.

The fourteenth episode of Soul Connect took place at Mandir Shri Ramchandra Ji, Jaipur.