Episode 9: Phoolon Ki Holi with Shri Rajesh Sharma

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mandir Shri Brijraj Bihari Ji, Tripolia Bazaar

For the ninth episode of the Soul Connect series, we’re taking you on a colourful trip through Braj ki Holi – one of the most sought-after experiences in India this time of the year. Join us for an hour of singing and dancing, play with beautiful, fragrant flowers, and celebrate with Shri Rajesh Prasad Sharma and group. 
The origin of the Braj ki Holi is found in the tales of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. According to the legend, Lord Krishna visited Radha’s village on this day and ended up offending the women of Barsana. The women chased Krishna away and since then men from Nandgaon (Lord Krishna’s village) visit Barsana to play Holi. Radha and her gopis would, in turn, visit Nandgaon for Holi. They would sing, dance and rain flowers on one another.
The traditions continue to this day, and the people of region dress up and celebrate the Holi Utsav the same way. The women even beat the men with sticks, as the gopis would when Lord Krishna and his friends troubled them. The lathis are rained down with love, as the women gleefully charge at the men, giving rise to the name of Lath-maar Holi. The Braj ki Holi is extremely popular with both locals and tourists. It is an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and have a gala time. This March we are bringing you the Braj ki Holi right here in the Pink City!

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