Rajasthan, India's largest and most vibrant state takes you on an unforgettable journey. The land of legends, charms every soul with its rich history, colourful culture, majestic monuments, craft traditions, folk music, age-old tasteful cuisine, lively festivals and adventurous gateways.

From the heights of royal fort, into the depths of an age-old tradition, from running into the wild to a stroll in the desert, Rajasthan is an EXPERIENCE at every step… Explore Jaipur with us, and let us show you the best of Rajasthan in the heart of the Pink City.



At Soul Connect, we create bespoke cultural experiences that involve music, food, art, textiles and offbeat travel, centred around India's rich folk and classical traditions.

Based in Jaipur, our forte lies in the varied tapestry of Rajasthan's traditional lifestyle.

As a consultancy, we help clients from the hospitality, travel, media, among others, with tailor-made authentic experiences for discerning audiences.

Soul Connect is involved in various archiving and conservancy projects that help revive these traditions and sustain their artistes and practitioners.


Soul Connect re-imagines age-old traditions like temple music and re-casts it in a way that is more accessible to aficionados today. Curating cultural phenomena that are on the brink of extinction and tracing authentic Indian art and artistes.


Soul Connect brings bespoke listening sessions and exhibitions of inaccessible art forms to newer audiences, reconnecting audiences with these traditions and bringing new patronage to them.


Our venues are always locations that have become blindspots but are, in fact, lost treasure troves of history and tradition. Venues like stone carved temples and ancient havelis make the perfect backdrops to traditional art-forms