The people of the desert stay close to their roots; crafting and toiling using one’s hands is an ancient habit that has not gone out of fashion. We introduce you to the famed pottery of the land by taking you to a community of potters who have been making earthenware pots and pans that are used on a routine basis in common households. You delve deep into the daily life of a family that earns its living out of creating pottery. Next, you will experience working with clay yourself and feel the magic of a shape spinning, whirling and unfolding before you! Creating a vessel out of clay will not only leave you with a feeling of fulfilment, but will also give you a chance to create something from its raw form. It’s not without reason that the art of pottery is being used as a therapeutic tool to ease stress and enhance relaxation. Lastly, a visit to the master craftsman who revived and encouraged the use of blue pottery will be organized where his collection of brassware and woodwork will be on display.

You would have started the journey of becoming potters yourselves at the end of this trail if you utilise the technique not just to keep your water, but your mind cool as well!