The founder-king of Jaipur had dreamt of laying the foundation for a city that would be structured around art and craft. It had been envisioned as a futuristic hub for all things aesthetic and where master craftsmen from all around were invited to become residents. Jadau, meenakari, carved gemstones, stone cutting crafts were created in Jaipur and word spread far - and until this date, jewellery from the city is a coveted item in every woman’s life.

You can still walk into a small hole in the wall room in a hidden alley in the walled city and find the breathtaking masterpieces that would amaze you beyond imagination. Tracing the eclectic twists in the tale of a gemstone, we take you to the contemporary designers deriving from family heirlooms, thereby remaining rooted to their family heritage.

On this trail, we meet modern jewellers who are descendants of those early craftsmen and traders. We speak to collectors about the ancient heirlooms that now see a brand new life while being distributed as exotic handcrafted jewellery all over the world. We make a visit to a painstakingly curated museum that gives one a closer glimpse into the prized skill of traditional craftsmen and pays homage to the bejewelled wonders of lost dynasties.

Image courtesy: @discoverindiabyhand


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