Rajasthan, as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of a grand culture, art and history that has come into being in contemporary experience as an unbelievable blend of precision and beauty. The artisans here leave no stone unturned to present this with utmost care and affection - art in its most pristine form. The inlay work trail interface will take you to visit one of the oldest and most renowned manufacturers of bespoke stone metal and wood artefacts. At this state of the art manufacturing base, you will see the various disciplines that the craftsmen deal with, along with all the stages of product-making, from conceptualization and designing to creation. The demonstration will strengthen the exchange of cultures between you and the people you interact with, forging memories and possible bonds that will have an everlasting impact on cultural interfaces of this one in a million encounters.    

This is quite a handful to process all in a day since such experience trails are rare, so be prepared for an adventurous demonstration on inlay work!


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