Episode 30: Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Mandir Shri Pratapeshwar ji, Jaipur

Time: 8:00 am onwards
Venue: Mandir Shri Pratapeshwar ji, Chandni Chowk, behind Tripolia Gate, Jaipur
Artists: Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang and Group

The 30th episode of Soul Connect series witnessed the mellifluous voices of Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang, Dr Shyam Sundar Sharma, Dr Omprakash Nayar accompanied by Pandit Bharat Bhushan Goswami ji on Sarangi, Shri Ankit Parikh on Pakhawaj, Shri Pradip Tank and Shri Bhupendra Singh Chauhan on Tanpura. The episode took place at Mandir Shri Pratapeshwar ji on Sunday, 16th February, 2020. Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang started the morning with Ganesh Stotra. He also sang renditions of Hari Om Anant Narayan, Baaje Damroo Dum Dum, Bhaj Shiv Omkara, Bhajan Bina Jeevan. The hour-long performance ended with a rendition of Om Jai Jagdish Hare.

Soul Connect musical series is an initiative of Siyahi, Soul Connect #Ep30 is organized in association with Rajasthan Forum, powered by the Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Charity Trust, the Kamla Poddar Group, Arya Niwas, The Stage Craft.

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