Episode 28: Dr Rajendra Maheshwari

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Mandir Shri Ram Chandra Ji, Jaipur

Time: 8:00 am onwards
Venue: Mandir Shri Ram Chandra Ji, Chandpol Bazaar, Jaipur
Artists: Dr Rajendra Maheshwari and Group

The 28th episode of Soul Connect series witnessed the mellifluous voice of Dr  Rajendra Maheswari, accompanied by Shri Mangilalji on Tabla, Shri Harihar Sharan Bhatt on Sitar, Shri Gulzar Hussain on Violin and Shri Harish Gautam on Percussion. The episode took place at Mandir Shri Ramchandra Ji on Sunday, 15th December, 2019. Dr Rajendra ji started the morning with the Ganpati jag vandan, He also sang renditions of Surdas’s bhajan Deenan Dukh Haran de Santan Hitkari and Kabir’s bhajan Chadariya Jhini re Jhini . The hour-long performance ended with a lok bhajan – Bol Suaa Ram Ram.

Soul Connect musical series is an initiative of Siyahi, Soul Connect #Ep28 is organized in association with Rajasthan Forum, powered by the Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Charity Trust, the Kamla Poddar Group, The Stage Craft.

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