Episode 25: Dr Girindra Talegaonkar

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mandir Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji, Jaipur

Time: 7:30 am onwards
Venue: Mandir Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji, Jaipur
Artists: Dr Girindra Talegaonkar and Group

Dr. Girindra Talegaonkar and group performed this sunday morning at Mandir Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji. The episode began in traditional Indian manner by worshiping Lord Ganesha first, ‘Prataham Sumiran kro Gannayak’. It was followed by hymns like ‘Mere Pran ho Sansar’, ‘Saharan Gahe ko Kaun Varu’. The audience were further drawn to the blissful morning by soulful bhajans like, ‘Pukare Man Ram hi Ram’. The episode came to an end with the ‘Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari’, where Krishna was prayed to in the melodious voice of Dr. Girindra Talegaonkar, Peeyush, Dr. Uma Vijay and Aayushi Bhagra. They were accompanied by guitarist Gaurav Bhatt, and Sandeep Soni was enchanting the audience by his mellifluous flute.

Such was the magic of Dr Talegaonkar’s voice, that the silver jubilee of Soul Connect saw its attendees sit through a heavy downpour!

Soul Connect musical series is an initiative of Siyahi, Soul Connect #Ep25 is organized in association with Rajasthan Forum, powered by the Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Charity Trust, the Kamla Poddar Group, Dileep Industries.