Episode 20: Kathak Brothers

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Mandir Shri Kalki Ji, Sireh Deorhi Bazaar

Time: 7:30 am onwards
Venue: Mandir Shri Kalki ji, Sireh Deorhi Bazaar (Gupta College, across the entrance to Jaleb Chowk near Hawa Mahal)
Artists: Kathak Brothers

Kathak Brothers performed this sunday morning at Mandir Shri Kalki Ji. Kathak Brothers are the seventh generation of performers who carry forward centuries-old Shekhawati music. The main vocalist, Sanwar Lal Ji Kathak is well known for his command over classical music. An All India Radio approved artiste, with well-established control over his voice and music, he has been a recipient of many awards including Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy award and Bhatkhande award. He was accompanied by Shri Parmeshwar Lalji Kathak on tabla, Shri Kishan Lal Kathak on sitar and Shri Mohit Kathak on pakhavaj and Master Rahul Kathak on manjira. This spectacular morning began with the soothing Ganesh VandanaMangaldata Buddhividhata, which was followed by the other bhajan Hari Tumharo. The melodious ambience of the temple was enhanced by yet another bhajan Pag Ghunghroo Baandh Meera Naachi Thi. This surreal morning ended with the Keertan- Maadhav Govind Hare and left the audiences overwhelmed.
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