Episode 19: Aastha Goswami

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Mandir Shri Brijraj Bihari Ji, Tripolia Bazaar

Celebrate Holi with us at the next episode of the Soul Connect series on Sunday, 17 March 2019.
Time: 8 am onwards
Venue: Mandir Shri Brijraj Bihari ji, Tripolia Bazaar (between shops 162-163)
Artists: Aastha Goswami and group

Astha Goswami and Group performed at Mandir Shri Brijraj Bihar Ji. Being well entrenched in the classical Hindustani music in the famous kirana musical tradition, Astha Goswami has also evolved a unique style of Padavali Gaayan, which imbibes the intricacies of Khayal Gayaki. She is an All India Radio approved artiste, and also has a rich and rare collection of compositions of the Braj region. She was accompanied by Shri Parmeshwar Lalji Kathak on tabla, Shri Sanwar Mal Kathak on harmonium, Shri Kishan Lal Kathak on sitar and Shri Mohit Kathak on manjira. This radiant sunday morning began with the soulful bhajan Govind Hari Gopal Hari in raga Bhatiyar, which was followed by Kehet Lagat Hai Mohan Maiya Maiya and Aayi Aayi Ritu Basant in raga Basant. The melodious and colourful morning of Holi celebration came to an end with the bhajan Aaj Braj Me Holi Re Rasiya. Audiences were enchanted by the amalgamation of such ecstatic and lively musicians.

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