Episode 1: Shri Rajendra Vaishnav

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mandir Shri Brijraj Bihari ji, Tripolia Bazaar

Have you marvelled at intricate carvings on pillars and domes in temples and also felt a sense of quietude in that very moment? If not, then Soul Connect will give you those moments. It also gives us a chance to see and understand the temple architecture of Jaipur. Soul Connect is an initiative by Siyahi to revive the tradition of morning devotional music in the city’s iconic temples with performances by various artists of the region, something rarely seen before.

For the very first edition, the performance is by Shri Rajendra Vaishnav and Group on 23rd July, 7:30 onwards at the Shri Brijraj Bihari Ji Mandir, Tripolia Bazar, between shop 162 and 163. Parking is available on both sides of the road between Tripolia Gate and Badi Chaupad. Come join us for a morning filled with devotional music followed by garam chai and crisp hot pakoras from one of Jaipur’s most famous shop.

A monthly rendezvous with art and artists reviving old traditions will be an attraction not only for the locals and music lovers but even for the tourists. Vinod Joshi says,”Jaipur, being a heritage city, is a place where many local and international artists showcase their talents at various events that take place here. Soul Connect is unique because it is based on early morning devotional music which is a rich music tradition from the past. I am also pleased because this is being organised in the ancient temples of the city, which very few people are aware of. Soul Connect will give people a chance to see and understand the architecture of Jaipur. I am sure, this event will be an attraction for music lovers – locals and tourists alike.